by Jugurtha

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released July 10, 2016

guitars: Joel Beauchamp
drums: Spencer Arnott
bass & ambience: Bryan W. Bray
vocals: Andrew Beauchamp

engineered by Sean Pearson & John Harry at Boxcar Sound in Hamilton, Ontario,
mixed by John Harry in Toronto, Ontario
mastered by Matthew Azevedo in Providence, RI

lyrics by Joel Beauchamp
cover painting by Jamie Lawson
logo by Stephen Wilson
layout & design by Bryan W. Bray



all rights reserved


Jugurtha Toronto, Ontario

With “Empyre”, the musical language of JUGURTHA speaks its first words. Its four songs deliver intricate and precise black and death metal with an urgent, chaotic, and living energy, layering ripping technicality in swathes of feedback and quietly placing moments of tuneful counterpoint beneath its gross atonal dirge. ... more

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Track Name: Firn
Unravell'd Mnemosyne.
Stained rufous with clot and tarn.
Firn of the known, faintly quired.
Spectral citizen of spanieled womb.
Weep dogsblood!
Spit bane in the dirt!

A breath for wafting cornices,
Acreak and stuffed with wailing.
Vestal curates, stiffly cowled.
Venal elect of dowered muses,
Rendered apt towards the gluttony of death.
A lonely flame, caught in sepia,
Tracing lace across the sea.
Stale parchment and its reek,
Cleaning tides of wine to crystal planes.

He has borne the vagrants choler,
Mewed and buttered for a groat.
A trembling sentinel before his baldish mete.
He who tastes the sky of kindred flesh,
A simpering malkin,
Spinning lyres with ichorous teeth.
A bethel to the rape of sirens.
Helm of sapless junkets.
Track Name: Onan
Pyrous willow pyx is split,
And body spilt is silk and claret.
Sylphid banquet, hawthorn ringed,
To glut my velvet tongue.
All alike are singing bloody malice.
Vatic flaylings, oriflammes
For Cyrenaic balm, alight!
And take each one, ciborium and chalice.

But lo, my leopard mount is kobold.
Body spilt is arsenic.
The greedy specks have sucked the dew
And let the wax dry 'pon my wick.
Each barren stoup of shuttered laps,
Each tethered flap,
Hath cleft my heart in twain.
Pain is useless,
Pleasure vain.
The tusks of love are plain.

Cherubim in periwigs and rouge fly at thy verges, waiting.
Gavelling ad gloriam. Away!
Let all of us who hibernate stay ceased from the Praetorium.
Codices, disilluminate.
Pythian augurs, disimmaculate.
Neolithe, abjure thy gifts of gyrant clay and glyph.
And lastly take the argot from my lips.
Track Name: Anno
Riven, in place of the downpour
That waters our furrows.
Chiving the leveret to ground.
Stours of railbirds alight and bray.
Gathering, gathering, gathering.

You and I, brood of the winking light,
Who subrogate clay with loess,
And dust with mud.
And stomp on the crust.

Waning syzygy,
Crumbling the crystal alignment.
Shattered equinox,
Drunk with the font of grace,
Alone in space and time.

Bold disciples of Empyre.
Our time has come.
Track Name: Zeit
For an instant, sastruga,
In the space between the wind.
Cloaked in my skin.

Amrita Yatra.
Cess of my suzerain tethers and tract.
At the gate where a sea of milk tumbles from black.
Lord of rain,
Half of my blood.
The carnage of joy is the rub.

Serendipitous altar.
The lampreys gush, a mordant elegy.
Singing loud the limpid corporal ebb.
Awn of lancet, crush of lead.
Obstinate vision of red.

Deceitful Amrita,
Rack of desire,
All is aye beshrewd and bawd.
The precipitous wires of plaint are ataper.
The chasm is broad,
Drawn wide with the wings of thy vapour.

At the crest of night I left the cave.
And walked the craters rim.
The moon was flat and vague.
My expression was grave.